How Self Belief Can Lead You To Success

Building self-belief is a key part of building self-confidence. I truly believe you need confidence to be successful and self-belief can help you move forward to the next stage in your career. Step outside your comfort zone As a key part of self-belief, you need to be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone all theContinue reading “How Self Belief Can Lead You To Success”

How Positivity Can Help You to Accept Criticism

When you’re criticised in one way or another, it can really put a dent in your confidence. You could be feeling on top of the world but as soon as someone makes a comment about your work, your personality or the way you live your life, it can bring you crashing back down to earth.Continue reading “How Positivity Can Help You to Accept Criticism”

Why Thinking Positively is Key in Building your Confidence

All of my 1:1 coaching programmes focus on both of these things – positivity and confidence – so I just had to include this blog post in my month of Creating Positivity. Getting into a more positive mindset can help you to develop your confidence and that’s why I incorporate it into my programmes. ItContinue reading “Why Thinking Positively is Key in Building your Confidence”

How to be Positive when Nothing is Going Right

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves – 2020 was a complete shitshow, wasn’t it? We probably could have done with this whole blog post back then. But – we’re in 2021 now and my focus for this month is creating positivity. So, how do you possibly stay positive when it seems like every single thingContinue reading “How to be Positive when Nothing is Going Right”

How to Stay Positive When You’re Going Through Cancer Treatment

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your whole world feels like it’s been flipped on its head. Your priorities have suddenly changed, all your plans are up in the air and you feel like you don’t know your left from your right. I was diagnosed with cancer at 14 and people used to ask meContinue reading “How to Stay Positive When You’re Going Through Cancer Treatment”

How to Accept Yourself

Lovely people, we are in October already and my theme for this month is Acceptance. I kicked the month off with my first ever Instagram Live (so nerve wracking but so worth it!) and talked all about the Three Steps to Acceptance. If you missed it, you can still catch it on my IGTV –Continue reading “How to Accept Yourself”

5 Tips for Moving On After Cancer

When you’re coming towards the end of your cancer treatment, your thoughts will likely turn to your plans for the future. That could include returning to your job, starting to socialise again, or maybe even throwing a celebratory party. Moving on from cancer isn’t the same for everyone. Some people find it easy and areContinue reading “5 Tips for Moving On After Cancer”

How to Boost Your Confidence After Cancer

Having cancer is a life-changing experience. Your body changes, your outlook changes and sometimes, your confidence can be affected too. When you finish treatment, trying to pick up where you left off is difficult. Your family and friends are busy trying to get on with their own lives & you haven’t got any hospital appointmentsContinue reading “How to Boost Your Confidence After Cancer”